Automation Specialist

Streamline Your projects with automations

I use Make (Integromat) to integrate products, automate complex workflows, build MVP's and NoCode Backends. I do everything from advanced Scenario architecture to Custom App development.

repetitive tasks

Perform custom actions and integratE various web services seamlessly

Workflow automation

Whether it's capturing form submissions, synchronizing data between different systems, or triggering actions based on specific events, I have the expertise to design and implement robust automation solutions tailored to your unique requirements. By reducing manual intervention I'lI help you save time and improve productivity.

Data Integration

Integrating various web services and APIs can be a daunting task, but I thrive to ensure a smooth data flow across different platforms. From syncing customer data between your e-commerce store and CRM to integrating third-party tools, I'll enable seamless data integration, empowering your next projects with comprehensive capabilities.

Webflow enhancements

By having a a deep understanding of Webflow's capabilities, I can leverage Make to create custom enhancements for your Webflow websites, pushing the boundaries of what's possible by circumventing Webflow's limitations. Implement some back-end logic, advanced search functionalities, dynamic content, or add personalized user experiences to yoour site. Contact me to know what’s possible.

Some examples of what I can do

Automated Lead Generation

Set up a workflow that automatically captures leads from your Webflow forms and nurtures them through targeted email sequences. When a user submits a form on your website, their information is instantly sent to your CRM, triggering a personalized email series that provides valuable content and encourages engagement. By automating this process, you can save time, increase lead conversion rates, and foster stronger relationships with your prospects.

Synchronize Dynamic Data

Synchronize data across multiple platforms seamlessly. For example, if you have an e-commerce store on Webflow and use a separate inventory management system, we can create an automation that updates inventory levels in real-time. When a customer makes a purchase, the inventory count is automatically adjusted across all platforms, preventing overselling and ensuring accurate stock information.

Zapier to Make migration

Zapier is a great tool and a stepping stone into the world of automations for many. But it has its own limitations, and is quite expensive compared to Make. Therefore, migrating all of your current scenarios from Zapier to Make could help you greatly reduce your operating costs, while giving you more options, and more advanced functionalities to automate the workflows that Zapier can't automate.

Scripting & Custom Logic

Send timely notifications based on specific events. For instance, if you run a membership website on Webflow, we can set up an automation that alerts you when a member's subscription is about to expire. This proactive notification system enables you to take immediate action, such as sending renewal reminders or offering special discounts, enhancing user experience and retention to maximize revenue potential.

Payment Gateway integration

If you want to accept payments on your Webflow store, I can integrate it seamlessly with a payment gateway of your choice, such as Stripe, Square or PayPal. This integration ensures that payment information is securely processed, and transaction details are accurately recorded in your payment provider's system. By providing a smooth and secure checkout experience for your customers, you can enhance trust, minimize cart abandonment, and boost sales.

3rd Party API Integration

Connect Webflow with various third-party APIs to extend the functionality of your website. For example, if you have a booking system for events or appointments, we can integrate it with Webflow to automate the scheduling process. This integration enables visitors to view availability in real-time, book slots directly on your website, and receive confirmation emails—all seamlessly integrated with your existing Webflow design and branding.

Workflow Optimization

If you already have some Make scenarios that are consuming a lot of operations, I can help you dentify bottlenecks, eliminate redundancies, and optimize processes to improve efficiency.
This will both help you save on operating costs on the long term, but can also improve your user experience by reducing wait times.

Dynamic Content Integration

Dynamically fetch and display content from external sources within your Webflow site. For instance, if you run a news or blog website, we can create an automation that pulls the latest articles from an RSS feed and automatically updates your Webflow CMS. This integration ensures that your website always showcases fresh and relevant content without manual intervention.

CRM and Webflow Integration

Integrate your Webflow website with popular CRM systems like Salesforce or HubSpot. By connecting these platforms, customer information entered on your website is automatically synchronized with your CRM, ensuring that your sales and marketing teams have access to up-to-date and consolidated data. This integration enables better lead management, personalized customer interactions, and streamlined collaboration across teams.

If you have a specific automation in mind, I'd be happy to discuss it with you and develop a custom solution that meets your needs.